Assignment photography pricing guidlines:


We try to match creative fees with each client's budget. Some photo-shoots can be completed for a fixed fee or at a pre-shot rate; other projects must account for the time, complexity and use. Fees are always negotiated in advance.

Creative Fees

$150/ hour - $300 minimum

$1800/ day

Creative fees are based on a rate of $150/hour, with a $300 studio minimum. Particularly complex projects may qualify for the daily rate of $1800/day. Our most typical creative fee is $600 for a part-day assignment plus expenses. From a national perspective, our fees are on the low end thanks to our smaller, regional Northwest Arkansas market.

Digital Capture Charges 

$25/ image

Almost all of our photography is now produced digitally. Our digital work is usually delivered on a CD with proof sheets. We charge a digital capture fee of $25/image. This capture fee covers time and materials spent converting RAW digital files, printing proof sheets and burning CD's or uploading to an FTP site. When shooting film for our clients, film and processing costs are charged instead.


$90/ hour

Some projects require more digital post production work than others. Examples include using Photoshop for simple retouching or to place a single image on multiple backgrounds. Additional time spent working with digital files is billed at $90/hour.