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Commercial Photography

Also known as Product photography, the goal of Commercial photography is to present a product or service for sale. For commercial photographs, the background and lighting are kept neutral in order to bring the product or model to the focal point of the photograph. The images are typically used in advertisements, magazines, catalogs, packaging and for other promotional purposes. 

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is a type of Commercial photography, and the real difference between the two is style and intention. The focus is still to promote a product, service or an idea; however,  Advertising photography allows for greater creativity. In this way, the photographer has more license to interpret how the product can be represented within the photo.


Our portrait photography services include corporate, pregnancy, family and head-shots. Wether you want a professional family photo, need a head shot for your business cards or want high-quality images of your corporate team building retreat, Wittkop Photography will keep you smiling.

Photo Production

In the age of digital photography, the computer has replaced the dark room. Post production services can include small changes such as crops, sizing, touch ups and color corrections; it can also include adding text or layouts for brochures or even combining the best aspects of multiple shots, depending on the needs of the client. 



All Commercial photography requires a collaborative effort of any number of people, from two to two dozen. Our studio has done countless shoots collaborating with account executives, art directors, stylists, photographic assistants and other specialists. Even during still-life product shots the photographer will work with a production assistant, not to mention the client.


Our 2,500 square-foot studio is equipped with a fully functional kitchen, backdrops and props. We can build and dress just about any type of set design you may need. We have worked with restaurants to create mouthwatering photographs for menus, ads and magazine features, as well as with large commercial clients marketing products ranging from bed sheets to industrial equipment.

Advantages to shooting in the photography studio include, creating the best lighting, multiple background options, no distractions and minimal set-up time.


Lights, cameras, computers…we bring the photography studio to you. Location photo-shoots are often the best or only option for some projects. Houses, camping gear, gazeboes and unique architecture are just a few examples of some of our location clientele. With years of experience, we've seen it all, and we come prepared for the many challenges that may arise "on location".

Instant Review

One of the many benefits of digital photography is the ability to view pictures almost instantly. No need to wait on film development; you can review your photos within seconds in studio and on location. Make changes, discuss results with the photographer and select the best photograph during your photo session. Walk out the door knowing you've got the results you want!